Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ieki's birthday @ Sweet Tree Ampang 2nd April 2011

Yeah! we just discovered a new place to have our ''weekly women meeting'' -- Sweet Tree @ Ampang!
It is a really nice cafe with very unique concepts, very special designs and a value-adding point -- a very friendly and talkative Korean boss! He was so keen on sharing his concepts and ideas with us where he talked about how he got the inspiring idea to design the cafe in such an attractive way, why he chose the printing of the leaves and seafood, how he brought about the idea of creating a natural atmosphere in his cafe etc.....
The thing which most attractive and eye-catching for me were the walls. I liked the printing of different leaves on them which brought about the feeling of being in a cave.

However, there were a few disgusting ugly ''creatures'' on the lovely walls -- lizard! cicak! 壁虎! I just cant accept this idea of putting lizard on the nice walls! Why don't the Korean boss replace it by ants, grasshoppers or butterflies instead? He likes lizards? huh!

Other than these, Sweet Tree has a really large Rain Forest Tree from the ground floor to the first floor which is also very significant and eye-catching to the customers.

There is a little living room-like corner at the first floor where it is decorated with a lot of exquisite collectibles...We were seated in the room next to it where we felt was just nice and suitable for us to have some privacy...

Some other special features of Sweet Tree including:
1. An irregular-shaped entrance, where it is not as rectangular as other cafes do.
2. A really old and collectible ''Kuala Lumpur Map'' where it not even have KLCC on it yet.
3. A nice and old bookshelf at the left side of the entrance.
4. A collectible train set and railway displayed at ground floor.
etc (which I can't really remember)

However, there were two things that I would like to comment:
1. The menu itself was really......why can't the boss get someone to re-design it to a more attractive one? It seemed no big difference from mamak's menu...=.=
2. The taste of the food was really ''so so''......but taste is very subjective, who knows it would just suit you well?

I believe that we will pay another visit to it in very near future....because of its environment and ''feel''...kekekekeke

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